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Tye Mihocko (center) won the season finale for the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series Saturday at Arizona Speedway. (Ron Gilson Photo)

An Arizona Sweep For Tye Mihocko

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. – Collecting his second win of the weekend and a $2,000 check for his efforts, Tye Mihocko swept the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series portion of the Copper Classic at Arizona Speedway Saturday.

After the initial start was called back, the second attempt was deemed good as Patrick Krob and Troy DeGaton battled for the lead before the caution lights turned on after one lap.

The advantage went to DeGaton, but his lead was short lived as Friday night winner Mihocko took the battle three deep. Mihocko took the lead on lap three only for the caution to wave again on the following lap. Mihocko went right back to work when the race resumed and charged away from the field.

Mihocko caught traffic on lap 10, but the race was halted on lap 11 when Colton Maroney flipped violently in turn three. His car initially cleared the wall in the third turn before flipping back into the track in flames. He walked away from the crash.

The crash erased a 4.880-second lead for Mihocko, but he went right back to work and had built his advantage to nearly four seconds before the next caution on lap 15.

Mihocko held the lead on the restart and drove away from the pack one final time, winning by 6.943 seconds ahead of runner-up Joshua Shipley.

Pete Yerkovich was third, followed by A.J. Fernandez and John Shelton.

The finish:

1. 3T-Tye Mihocko[7]; 2. 2-Joshua Shipley[3]; 3. 3-Pete Yerkovich[5]; 4. 72-AJ Hernandez[21]; 5. 9-John Shelton[8]; 6. 29-Eric Turner[11]; 7. 7OH-Bryan Ledbetter Jr[9]; 8. 39T-Troy DeGaton[6]; 9. 8K-Kala Keliinoi[15]; 10. 50S-Rocky Silva[14]; 11. 65X-John Romero[13]; 12. 99-Bobby Carrick[16]; 13. 3K-Patrick Krob[2]; 14. 17-Jim Green[24]; 15. 88-Philip Deeney[23]; 16. (DNF) 10-Eugene Thomas[1]; 17. (DNF) 5AZ-Ronald Webster[20]; 18. (DNF) 68-Colton Maroney[10]; 19. (DNF) 43-Justin Kierce[4]; 20. (DNF) 5-Mike Visser[12]; 21. (DNF) 7K-Bruce St James[17]; 22. (DNS) 21C-Brian Chamberlain; 23. (DNS) 007-Wayne Siddle; 24. (DNS) 21P-Daylin Perreira

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