Dustin Gates (Finishline photo)

Gates Is Top Mississippi Sprinter

BYRAM, Miss. — Working through the field from seventh, Louisiana’s Dustin Gates added his name to the list of winners with the ASCS Mid-South Region with a Saturday night score at Mississippi’s Jackson Motor Speedway.

Chasing all the way to the final lap in the caution-riddled feature, Gates took over the lead after race-long leader, Landon Crawley, suffered a crash going into the first turn.

Restarting with Kyle Amerson in tow, Gates was able to keep the No. 29 at bay and scoot to a 1.266-second advantage at the finish.

Amerson in second was followed by Tennessee’s Landon Britt in third. Marshall Skinner and Earnie Ainsworth completed the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 6-Dustin Gates[7]; 2. 29-Kyle Amerson[6]; 3. 10L-Landon Britt[8]; 4. 26-Marshall Skinner[9]; 5. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth[3]; 6. 30-Joseph Miller[11]; 7. 13-Chase Howard[14]; 8. 44-Ronny Howard[15]; 9. 21K-Kevin Hinkle[13]; 10. 187-Landon Crawley[1]; 11. 47-Dale Howard[4]; 12. 19-Jason Long[16]; 13. 3G-Paxton Gregory[5]; 14. 91-Zach Pringle[12]; 15. 9-Josh McCord[10]; 16. 1S-Joey Schmidt[2]


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