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Terry Mattox is taking over the American Sprint Car Series at the conclusion of the season. (3Ds/Dannytheshoe Photo)

Mattox Taking Ownership Of American Sprint Car Series

TULSA, Okla. – Terry Mattox will take over ownership of the American Sprint Car Series at the conclusion of its 30th season and lead the Oklahoma-based series into 2022.

Founded by Emmett Hahn in 1992, the American Sprint Car Series stands as the largest sanctioning body for sprint car racing in the world, with nearly 200 events contested yearly across national and regional tours.

Hahn will still work closely with Terry over the next year.

“I’m not getting any younger, and with everything that has gone on in the last six months with my family, it’s time for a change,” Hahn said of the decision to sell the series.

“I love sprint car racing and want to see it continue to grow and thrive,” Hahn added. “I also wanted someone who has the time to put into making that happen. Terry is 26 and has the time and drive to work on this deal in the best interest of the teams and the sport. Of course, I’m not retiring. I’m still doing the Tulsa Shootout and the Chili Bowl [Nationals], so I’ll still be plenty busy.”

No stranger to series ownership and management, Mattox has been the competition director for the ASCS Sooner Region the past 10 years, as well as the head of scheduling for the National Tour of the American Sprint Car Series the past four years.

Sam Hafertepe Jr. (15h) during an ASCS sprint car feature at Lakeside Speedway. (Russell Moore photo)

Outside of ASCS, Terry’s portfolio is extensive, having built the National Open Wheel 600 Series from the ground up into one of the nation’s largest sanctioning bodies for micro sprints.

The 2022 season will be the 10th year for the micro touring series.

Additionally, Mattox is co-owner of the Oil Capital Racing Series and an active promoter of events with Terry Mattox Promotions with shows in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas over the past five years.

“This is something that I’ve been working towards since I started,” Mattox said. “I was surprised that it came this fast, but I am honored that Emmett trusts me to carry on the series and make it grow.”

Mattox addressed possible changes to the series.

“Right now, I am still going over everything and making sure that any changes I want to make are going to be what’s best for the series, but also the teams and the tracks,” he said. “Car-wise, I don’t have anything that I see that needs to be changed right now. Emmett had already announced the aluminum block option for next year, so we are working on that. Where I will be looking is more in nightly logistics. Making things run quicker in order to get fans a better show.”

Along with ownership, Mattox is taking over the role of national competition director.

This will put him at every event on the National Tour schedule as Matt Ward has stepped down to help his grandfather [Emmett] with the Tulsa Shootout and Chili Bowl Nationals. His wife, Ashleigh, is also stepping down as head of timing and scoring.

“Matt and Ashleigh have done a great job, and they are still going to help me,” Mattox said. We are still in the same office, we all work the same events, and we are very close friends. There were several years where they gave me a place to live, so beyond being friends, I have a lot of respect for them.”


The office of the American Sprint Car Series will not change, nor the phone number.

Anyone with questions can still contact the series at (918) 838-3777 or at 1141 S. 83rd East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74112.

Anyone needing to get Terry Mattox directly can do so by email to terry@ascsracing.com or phone at (918) 417-0624.

Bryan Hulbert will remain as the announcer and publicist for the American Sprint Car Series. 

Bryan can be reached at (918) 838-3777 or by email at announcer@ascsracing.com.

The 2022 schedule of events for the American Sprint Car Series National Tour will be released in December.

Regional Tours will remain in place with those schedules released as they are finalized.

The 2022 season will mark the 31st year of competition for the American Sprint Car Series, which includes 11 regional tours encompassing both wing and non-wing competition.

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