Allan Holland
Allan Holland

HOLLAND: A High Limit

There is much talk about a new sprint car series for next season and how it will fit in to the sprint car racing landscape and attract drivers to compete with it despite the many existing races already on the schedule.

Kyle Larson, Brad Sweet and FloRacing are the principals behind The High Limit Sprint Car Series. The new series will have a 12-race schedule running Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays only. The plan is to give the drivers some tracks to race at on off nights and the opportunity to earn big money.

Two of the 12 High Limit races will pay $50,000 to win, with a $140,000 total purse. The plan laid out by the series in July is that the other 10 events will offer $23,000 to the winner from an $80,000 purse. A $120,000 point fund is also being offered with all events live-streamed.

Larson plans to compete in the series as does Brad Sweet. Sweet will have to get clearance to run the shows if he plans on staying a platinum driver with the NOS Energy World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out next year as there may be less drivers wanting to keep platinum status. The winners share of those 12 races will be $330,000. That’s a big chunk of cash that would be difficult to pass up.

If World of Outlaws officials allow platinum member drivers to run with the High Limit Sprint Car Series and that certainly could be one of the keys to the series succeeding. With all World of Outlaws races broadcast on DIRTVision, it would be quite the coup of those drivers participated in a FloRacing-produced racing series.

Despite the series beginning next season, Sweet and Larson have scheduled one race for this with that event planned for Aug. 16 at Indiana’s Lincoln Park Speedway. Known as The High Limit Open, the event was to offer $22,022-to win from a $70,000 purse at the quarter-mile dirt track.

Larson was planning to compete, but Sweet honored his World of Outlaws commitments that week.

The complete 12-race schedule for next season is expected to be announced later this year.

No matter how this pans out in the end, it should create some great racing for the fans to watch and purses for the drivers and teams to chase.

Once everyone figures out who will be able to run the series and who won’t, the series shapes up to be a nice addition to sprint car racing in 2023.

Larson and Sweet are already partners as promoters of Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico Calif. They have been doing good things to support sprint car racing and The High Limit Sprint Car Series could be another one.End Bug

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