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Allan Holland

HOLLAND: Speed Sport

Anyone reading this right now is either holding SprintCar & Midget magazine in their hands or reading the magazine content online at

If you have the magazine in your hands, then you are reading the new version with one side SPEED SPORT and one side SprintCar & Midget.

The new version is nice as you get the best of both worlds all in one magazine for one price. It has also created numerous efficiencies along the way. If you get the print version, you can also read all of the content on the website by logging in. You can also just pay for the electronic version on the website and not get the print version. I imagine someday there won’t be a print version at all. If you don’t pay for one or the other, you are unable to read the original content provided here.

SPEED SPORT has been covering all forms of auto racing since 1934 when it started as National Auto Racing News. The newspaper became National Speed Sport News in 1943 and became a weekly publication after the war. When I was a youth, I remember reading my dad’s copies of the newspaper that he would buy at Pennsylvania’s Selinsgrove Speedway and Evergreen Speedway during the early 1960s.

The newspaper was the racing Bible for many decades, as it was the only place to get national racing news and photos. I always associate the editor for 40 years, Chris Economaki, with the newspaper. I still remember my first time meeting him at Nazareth Speedway in Pennsylvania for a USAC Silver Crown show during the 1990s.

Everyone had a computer in the press room except Chris. He had a typewriter carried in for him, which I thought was just classic. I often wonder what he would think of how the racing media is run and published today.

Now, I think of editor Mike Kerchner, who has been with SPEED SPORT for 30 years.

Everyone comes to the SPEED SPORT website for news and results but there is plenty of other information to check out.

Besides all of the original content and columns, there are lots of old back issues viewable online, links to many SPEED SPORT podcasts and photo galleries. You can order SPEED SPORT and SprintCar & Midget apparel and check out the books and posters available for purchase.

One major part of SPEED SPORT’s business is the streaming service, SPEEDSPORT.TV. Available at, the network streams action live from all forms of racing, at all types of tracks, all over the country.

Many are sprint car tracks, such as Pennsylvania’s Lernerville Speedway, Eagle (Neb.) Raceway and Vado Speed Park in New Mexico.

It’s a unique way of streaming races from a track while using the tracks name on the service. For $14.99 a month you can watch many different types of racing from all over the country.

SPEED SPORT covers it all in racing, and has been doing it for almost 100 years and they’ve made the changes necessary to last that long.End Bug

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