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HOLLAND: Sprint Car & Midget Online

Allan Holland

Through my many years as a columnist here, I have written about many different websites that I thought were doing a fine job of covering sprint car racing around the country.

Many of those websites are still around today. Some of them have disappeared or are just not updated on a regular basis.

The internet is always changing, with websites appearing and then disappearing.

Sprint Car & Midget magazine has been around longer than most all of those websites, especially when you consider it was launched by Editor Doug Auld on the heels of Open Wheel magazine.

This magazine has never had much internet presence. You could go to the website and purchase subscriptions, but no magazine content was available. Getting a good solid magazine out was the only mission.

However, that has changed. Sprint Car & Midget now also has a very solid website with the launch of the all-new

In late 2017 the Sprint Car & Midget brand was sold to Turn 3 Media LLC, who also own SPEED SPORT magazine and the website. SPEED SPORT started 85 years ago as National Speed Sport News. NSSN was a weekly newspaper that anyone in their 60’s, like me, remembers well.

For many years, it was the only place to read about race coverage from every corner of the country. Sadly, in 2011 the weekly newspaper ceased operation after 77 years, but that was far from the end.

The internet is always changing, with websites
appearing and then disappearing.

Turn 3 Media acquired the rights to the brand from Corrine Economaki, went forward with a huge internet presence with lots of free news and race results from all forms of racing and also a premium section for subscribers only.

One year later, in 2012, they launched the monthly SPEED SPORT print magazine. Like NSSN, it still covered all forms of racing around the country but now on a monthly basis.

Since the purchase of the Sprint Car & Midget brand in 2017, they have been working toward giving this magazine an internet presence. Now, that website has launched. All of the editorial content from each issue will also now be available on the site as premium content each month, as well as plenty of additional editorial.

They had already been actively using the Sprint Car & Midget Facebook page, but just in the month of June they started using their Twitter site (@SprintCarMagz) quite frequently and successfully. Now if you follow along on the social media for SC&M, you will find links to all of the sprint car articles.

The daily news letter in your e-mail is another way they have of sending you links to recent articles. There is a SPEED SPORT daily newsletter covering all forms of motorsports and a relatively new one twice each week for Sprint Car & Midget, covering just what it says.

For a magazine that never had much internet exposure before, they are now across the main platforms for attracting readers through their website, e-mail and social media.

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