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Allan Holland

HOLLAND: Statistics

When I was a child growing up during the early 1960s my best friend lived two houses down from me. He was a year younger and everything we did, whether it was baseball in the yard or basically any kind of game, he compiled statistics. He had it all written down and could tell you all kinds of details about how everyone did in past games and if you improved or got worse as time went on. He loved all of the sports stats you could find on the sports page and even horse racing stats in his parents’ racing form paper.

One might wonder where I’m going with this, but there is a website called owned and compiled by Bill Vanselow and I bet he was just like my friend when he was young.

Vanselow’s website has more sprint car statistics, ratings and information than I would ever even think of putting on a website. It is a vast collection of sprint car information about tracks, drivers and sanctioning bodies. The number of stats is unbelievable.

The winged 410 driver stats he has been compiling since 2015. The non-winged driver stats have been collected since 2018. The number of winged 410 drivers who have competed since 2015 is 2,170. Races run in that time period are 3,093, with an average car count of 27.4. Want more? The website sites the total payout for 410 drivers since 2015 has been $78,888,518, while 361 different drivers have won a feature. All of that information is found in one small location on the front of the site.

It is all done by computer and based on driver results, including wins, money won and average finish. Vanselow spends a lot of time, though, entering all of the race results data.

As of May 2, Kyle Larson was at the top of the ratings for a two-year period in the winged 410 category. World of Outlaws driver Carson Macedo topped the money won so far in 2022 with Central Pennsylvania’s Anthony Macri in second place, also with the most wins at eight.

Four hundred and sixty-two drivers had already raced this season with 71 races run, an average car count of 28.9 and 44 drivers with a win. All of the stats on the site can be looked up by state, driver, year, track, series and type of sprint car, with some going back as far as 2010.

One could spend hours on looking up past results from almost everything you can think of in winged and non-winged sprint car racing and also some 360 and midget stats, too.

There are schedules from all of the tracks with results through the years and cross-linked with drivers, series, years and tracks. The more you dig in, the farther you get into the site and the vast amount of interesting information you find.

Bill Vanselow has done an outstanding job of compiling a large amount of data for future fans and historians of sprint car racing and, hopefully, he continues to add to it as years roll on.

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