Balog Conquers Roger Iles Tribute Race

WILMOT, Wis. – Bill Balog took top honors in Saturday’s Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series Roger Iles Tribute race at Wilmot Raceway.

Scotty Neitzel took the early lead, but fifth-starting Balog slowly crept this way through the pack as Neitzel worked through traffic.

On lap 15 Balog moved into second and set his sights on Neitzel. Four laps later Balog worked his way around Neitzel to take the lead. Once in front Balog didn’t look back, leading the rest of the distance to win the $3,600 top prize.

Neitzel finished second, followed by Ben Schmidt, Scotty Thiel and Brandon Wimmer.

The finish:

Bill Balog, Scotty Neitzel, Ben Schmidt, Scotty Thiel, Brandon Wimmer, Joey Moughan, Todd Daun, Jeremy Schultz, Jordan Goldesberry, Dave Uttech, Steve Meyer, Bret Tripplett, Austin Deblauw, Kyle Schuett, Kris Spitz, Nick Matuszewski, Hunter Custer, Jereme Schroeder, Wayne Modjeski, Russel Borland, John Fahl, Bill Wirth, Scott Biertzer, Brayton Lynch.

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