Garet Williamson Making Wingless
Garet Williamson will compete in a non-winged sprint car this weekend.

Garet Williamson Making Wingless Debut In Texas

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Garet Williamson is itching to return to the seat of the Bryant Paver Motorsports sprint car.

Williamson has been sidelined for the past six weeks as racing around the country has been shut down because of the COVID-19 health threat. That changes on Saturday, when the team will take off the wings for an event at Big O Speedway in Ennis, Texas.

The race will mark Williamson’s debut at the dirt oval, as well as his first start behind the wheel of a non-winged sprint car.

“We want to put it in the show and gain as much knowledge in a non-wing car as we can,” he said. “We also want to have some fun. I haven’t got to race in so long.

“I’m going into it with an open mind. I’m trying to talk to as many non-wing guys as I can. They’ve said you’ll notice you’re not on the gas as much. In a winged car you can be wide open. In non-wing cars you really want to keep your tires and car under you.”

While Saturday represents an opportunity to race a real car, Williamson made the most of a virtual start last Friday, when he participated in the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour’s inaugural event on iRacing.

“We came from the C Main and ran ninth in the main event,” he said. “I think online racing helps with hand-eye coordination and mentally thinking about what your next move will be.”

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