Brent Marks will park his family-owned sprint car to drive for CJB Motorsports in 2020. (Adam Fenwick Photo)

Marks & CJB Motorsports Unite For 2020 Program

Shane Stewart will not return to CJB Motorsports in 2020. (Adam Fenwick Photo)
Shane Stewart recently left CJB Motorsports after one season with the team. (Adam Fenwick Photo)

Jackson also confirmed that CJB Motorsports will not be partnering with Big Game Motorsports owner Tod Quiring and driver Kerry Madsen to form a two-car program next season.

“We were looking at doing a two-car scenario if David needed a part-time (ride),” Jackson said. “The best situation was for them to keep Kerry in their car, go their own direction and we had the opportunity to hire Brent. I’m really happy the way this all worked out for everybody.”

As far as what the CJB Motorsports car will look like sponsor-wise, Jackson said they’re still working on finalizing all the details.

“We’re still finalizing our sponsorship packages for this team,” Jackson said. “Brent has a lot of people and loyal sponsors to him that still want to be involved. So we’re kind of looking at everything and trying to put the final touches on all of that.”

Marks has spent the last three seasons racing full time with the World of Outlaws. He has scored four series victories during that time, three in 2018 and one this year. His lone victory this season was a big one, with the 28-year-old capturing the 57th running of the National Open at Williams Grove Speedway in October.

“I loved being an Outlaw driver, don’t get me wrong,” Marks said. “They’ve opened a lot of opportunity for me being a part of their series and it’s still the top-notch series in the country. This is just a personal thing we want to do as a team and be to chose our own fate I guess you can say as far as what races we want to run.

“It’s going to be a good deal. I’m totally OK with what they want to do and I told them that from the get-go. I wanted to have the opportunity to go be able to work with all of them and drive their race car and go out there and win races for them. That’s going to be my main focus no matter what type of schedule we run.”

Jackson says one area they hope to help Marks improve upon is qualifying, where Marks has notably struggled throughout his three seasons with the World of Outlaws.

“Brent’s shown that he can be a really good racer,” Jackson said. “One of the things that we’re going to focus on, and he’ll tell you also, is that he needs to improve his qualifying. We’ve always had a pretty good (setup), we’ve stumbled here a little bit over the past year or so. Maybe even the (past) couple of years with our qualifying packages, but we’ll get that back.

“We’re just going to work hard with Brent and get him to be a good qualifier, which is key in sprint car racing these days. His race talents when it comes to actual racing, he’s really good at passing cars. I think when we put it all together it’s going to be really successful.”

Marks, who has driven for his family-owned team for 10 seasons, is excited for the next chapter in his racing career.

“I’m pumped about it. Really excited and they’re really excited and that’s good. We’re all really happy with our decision right now,” Marks added.

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