Jordon Mallett in victory lane. (USCS photo)

Milton USCS Sprint Belongs To Mallett

MILTON, Fla. — Jordon Mallett raced from the K&N Filters Pole Position to win the 25-lap USCS Battle at the Beach preliminary main event at Southern Raceway on Friday night.

The two-time USCS champion held off defending USCS Southern Thunder Tour champion Conner Leoffler, who kept the pressure the entire distance until they crossed the under the checkered flag.

The win was Mallett’s second USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour win of the season. It came after the hard driving Arkansan had to take a seven-week racing hiatus after breaking his arm in an off-track accident. The win on Friday night was his first weekend back in action.

Leoffler was followed across the finish line by current USCS national point leader Danny Smith. Kyle Amerson and Hayden Campbell rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 14-Jordon Mallett [1]; 2. 22-Connor Leoffler [2]; 3. 4-Danny Smith [3]; 4. 29-Kyle Amerson [6]; 5. 5-Hayden Campbell [4]; 6. 116-Nick Snyder [9]; 7. 43-Terry Witherspoon [5]; 8. 10L-Landon Britt [8]; 9. 10-Terry Gray [10]; 10. 4M-Michael Miller [12]; 11. 88-Brandon Blenden [18]; 12. 83R-Mark Ruel Jr. [11]; 13. 7E-Eric Gunderson [13]; 14. 4B-Billy Boyd Jr. [7]; 15. 67-Brian Thomas [15]; 16. 28-Jeff Willingham [16]; 17. 77-Jeff Smith [17]; 18. 83-Bob Auld [14].

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