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Justin Grant (Al Steinberg photo)

Xtreme Series Penalizes Grant & Stockon

CONCORD, N.C. — Drivers Justin Grant and Chase Stockon and their non-winged sprint car teams have each been suspended from the next two Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Series events for tire violations that occurred during the Feb. 14-15 events at Florida‘s Volusia Speedway Park.

The infraction by Grant‘s TOPP Motorsports team occurred on Feb. 14, with Stockton‘s KO Motorsports team charged with a penalty regarding the next night‘s event.

One tire was sampled from each team with the sample being sent to an independent lab. The samples confirmed that both tires in question had been chemically altered.

TOPP Motorsports has been assessed an additional penalty of $4,620, which includes $2,5000 in purse money, a $2,000 fine and a $120 tire analysis fee.

Stockon‘s KO Motorsports operation was assessed a monetary penalty of $3,920, which

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