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Braxton Stewart (Richard Bales photo)

Braxton Stewart Is Jr. Sprint Ace

TULSA, Okla. — Braxton Stewart only needed to lead the final half-lap to notch his first POWRi Jr Sprint League victory in support of Saturday‘s Eibach Championship Night of the fourth annual Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Max Papis Innovations at Port City Raceway.

Entering a competitive field of 25 drivers in the POWRi Jr. Sprint League at Port City Raceway would find Brexton Flatt, J.J. Beason, Braxton Stewart, Brody Stewart, Tate Gurney, and Ryker Griggs automatically locked in from the combined preliminary night overall point totals.

Forming a commanding lead, would hit his marks to stretch space over Braxton Stewart and Brody Stewart battling behind while J.J. Beason and Tate Gurney each raced within the top five as caution would wave on lap seven to bunch the field back together.

Smoothly restarting while setting a blistering pace, Flatt would continue to lead the field of tight competitors as lap traffic would come into play on the final lap. Contact entering turns one and two would see the top two drivers slowed off of turn two as third-running Braxton Stewart would capitalize.

“My brother got past me then I saw the white flag, when I got out of turn two, I saw the top two spinning and I knew I had to get outside and get by them,” said Braxton Stewart.

Holding steady the final lap would find Braxton Stewart claim the feature win as one-time leader Flatt finished second.

Staying in the mix all event, Brody Stewart would notch a solid third with Beason finishing fourth as Tate Gurney rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 9S-Braxton Stewart[3]; 2. 81-Braxton Flatt[1]; 3. 27-Brody Stewart[4]; 4. 36JR-JJ Beason[2]; 5. 51-Tate Gurney[5]; 6. 75-Masyn Truitt[8]; 7. 19-Liam Barton[11]; 8. 9C-Jace Cooksey[7]; 9. 22-Ryker Jones[9]; 10. 92-Lathan Knott[12]; 11. 4-Ryker Griggs[6]; 12. 21J-Jayden Hiller[13]; 13. 14JR-Jaxon Nail[15]; 14. 10E-Eli Potter[18]; 15. 18-Noah Betts[16]; 16. 55K-Kayden Anderson[10]; 17. 9-Bristol Spicola[14]; 18. 27C-Grayson Cooksey[20]; 19. 16-Berkley Reese[19]; 20. 17C-Caleb Johannesen[17].

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