Buddy Kofoid Celebrate Okc I 44 Powri Win 101521
Buddy Kofoid in victory lane at Riverside I-44 Speedway. (TWC photo)

Kofoid Does It Again In Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — For the second consecutive night, Buddy Kofoid won a Lucas Oil POWRi National & West Midget League feature.

Kofoid claimed Friday night’s Charlene Meents Memorial at I-44 Speedway for his ninth POWRi triumph of the season.

Cannon McIntosh and Jake Neuman brought the 24-car field to the green flag for the 30-lap main event. McIntosh jumped out to the early lead, but Kofoid stayed right on his tail in second. Right off the bat, Kofoid and McIntosh treaded spots for the lead as a red flag flew for Austin Barnhill upside down on lap six. 

As the laps wound down, McIntosh remained in the lead with Kofoid behind and Jake Neuman in third. With seven-laps to go, Kofoid perfected his corner and took the lead from McIntosh, right as they get into lapped traffic. McIntosh, running second found himself upside down in turns three and four after battling the technical corner. 

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Buddy Kofoid (Richard Bales photo)

Kofoid controlled the restart and led a Keith Kunz Motorsports sweep, with Christopher Bell second and Dasion Pursley third.

Neuman and Brenham Crouch completed the top five.

“These KKM cars are super good through the ruff, I think we have one of the best cars out there, really at any track but especially at tracks like this.” Kofoid said.

“It was pretty tough, the track made us earn it tonight, and Buddy was obviously on the ragged edge tonight,” Bell said. “Man, it’s crazy how time goes on, 10 years ago I would have loved these conditions and today I was just trying to get through there without crashing.”

The finish:

Feature (30 laps): 1. 67-Buddy Kofoid  2. 67W-Christopher Bell  3. 71K-Daison Pursley  4. 3N-Jake Neuman  5. 97-Brenham Crouch  6. 85T-Ryan Timms  7. 21K-Karter Sarff  8. 49-Joe B Miller  9. 71-Kaylee Bryson  10. 01-Bryant Wiedeman  11. 17-Tanner Berryhill 12. 5-Gavan Boschele  13. 72-Sam Johnson  14. 67K-Cade Lewis  15. 71E-Mariah Ede  16. 08-Cannon McIntosh 17. 83-Dominic Gorden  18. 86-Brent Crews  19. 17B-Austin Barnhill 20. 00-Trey Gropp  21. 21-Emilio Hoover  22. 26-Cory Eliason  23. 00C-Chase McDermand  24. 84-Jade Avedisian


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