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POWRi has been forced to reschedule the Turnpike Challenge for a second time. (Brendon Bauman photo)

POWRi Forced To Reschedule Turnpike Challenge

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – Ongoing restrictions and special limitations in different states have forced POWRi officials to reschedule the Turnpike Challenge again.

The Turnpike Challenge, featuring the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League, is now scheduled for May 28-May 31 Creek County Speedway, I-44 Riverside Speedway and Port City Raceway.

The Turnpike Challenge was originally scheduled for March 26-29, but was rescheduled to April 29-May 3 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, POWRi has also announced the cancelation of nearly 20 POWRi events across all the series’ POWRi sanctions.

“Once we have a clear definition of the guidelines for each state, we will reschedule as many races as possible,” POWRi officials said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by this pandemic.”

New Turnpike Challenge Dates:
5/27/20 Open Practice @ Creek County Speedway
5/28/20 POWRi National/West Midgets & Outlaw Micros @ Creek County
5/29/20 POWRi National/West Midgets & Outlaw Micros @ I-44 Speedway
5/30/20 POWRi National/West Midgets & Outlaw Micros @ I-44 Speedway
5/31/20 POWRi National/West Midgets & Outlaw Micros @ Port City Raceway

Races Cancelled:
5/1/20 POWRi WAR Sprints @ Valley Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi WAR Sprints @ Lucas Oil Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi NMMRA Sprints @ Sandia Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi URSS Sprints @ Wakeeney Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi Vado 305 Wing Sprints @ Vado Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi Midwest Lightning Sprints @ I-35 Speedway
5/2/20 POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints @ Barona Speedway
5/8/20 POWRi WAR Sprints @ Humboldt Speedway
5/8/20 POWRi BOSS Outlaw Micros @ Belle-Clair Speedway
5/9/20 POWRi WAR Sprints @ Salina High Banks
5/9/20 POWRi Border Tour and NMMRA Sprints @ Vado Speedway
5/9/20 POWRi National Midgets & Outlaw Micros @ Macon Speedway
5/9/20 POWRi LOS 305 Winged Sprints @ Lake Ozark Speedway
5/9/20 POWRi Midwest Lightning Sprints @ Lake Ozark Speedway
5/9/20 POWRI Rocky Mountain Lightning Sprints @ El Paso County Speedway
5/9/20 POWRi Outlaw Midgets @ Valley Speedway
5/16/20 POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micros @ SIR
5/16/20 POWRi West Midgets @ I44 Speedway
5/16/20 POWRi WAR & Iowa Sprints @ Heartland Motorsports Park

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