Brody Stewart. (Richard Bales Photo)

Stewart Seizes In Late-Race POWRi Jr Heroics

TULSA, Okla. — Brody Stewart would use late-race dramatics to his advantage by driving into victory lane and notching their first career feature victory with the POWRi Jr Sprint League in support of Friday‘s Preliminary Night Two of the Fourth Annual Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Max Papis Innovations.

Entering a competitive field of 25 entrants in the POWRi Jr Sprint League at Port City Raceway would find J.J. Beason start the night quickest with an 11.670-second hot-lap time.

Racing into the feature event would find high-point qualifier and inside front-row starter Beason battle with the front-row companion Braxton Flatt into the first pair of corners as Beason would lead laps early.

Establishing a dominant lead, Beason would stretch over a second advantage with Flatt and Stewart, while occurring lap traffic around the mid-race point with Braxton Stewart and Tate Gurney all throttling inside the top five under green flag racing.

Displaying the caution flag with eight laps remaining would see Beason setting the pace with Brody Stewart lined up right on his tail tank.

Diving into turns one and two would see Stewart drive on the inside line while occurring lap traffic to capture his ninth seasonal victory on the penultimate lap of the 20-lap feature event with one-time leader Beason resulting in a remarkable runner-up finish.

“I saw the lap car hit J.J. (Beason) a little bit and I knew there was a hole for me to hit, I had to keep it on the bottom after that because I knew if I left it open he would get me back,” said Stewart.

Staying in the hunt for the front all event, Braxton Stewart would notch a solid third with Flatt finishing fourth as Ryker Jones rounded out the top-five finishers in the POWRi Jr Sprint League feature in support of Preliminary Night Two of the Fourth Annual Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Max Papis Innovations at Port City Raceway.

The Finish:

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 27-Brody Stewart[4]; 2. 36JR-JJ Beason[1]; 3. 9S-Braxton Stewart[6]; 4. 81-Braxton Flatt[2]; 5. 22-Ryker Jones[10]; 6. 75-Masyn Truitt[13]; 7. 51-Tate Gurney[3]; 8. 4-Ryker Griggs[11]; 9. 9C-Jace Cooksey[5]; 10. 19-Liam Barton[7]; 11. 10E-Eli Potter[8]; 12. 17C-Caleb Johannesen[16]; 13. 21J-Jayden Hiller[12]; 14. 92-Lathan Knott[15]; 15. 9-Bristol Spicola[14]; 16. 18-Noah Betts[17]; 17. 88E-Emery Laplante[20]; 18. 29C-Clayton Jenkins[19]; 19. 55K-Kayden Anderson[23]; 20. 27C-Grayson Cooksey[18]; 21. 71-Oren Basham[25]; 22. 16-Berkley Reese[21]; 23. 15S-Hudson Straight[24]; 24. 66-Jack Loss[22]; 25. 14JR-Jaxon Nail[9].

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