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Bobby Allen qualifying at Manzanita Speedway in October of 1987. (Gene Marderness photo)

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Racer On Racer, Bobby Allen

EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece originally appeared in the July 2007 issue of Sprint Car & Midget Magazine. We’ve pulled it out of the archives for all subscribers to enjoy.

In the December 2006 issue, Doug Wolfgang shared his memories of fellow Hall of Famer Bobby Allen, the 1990 Knoxville Nationals champion, 1980 All Star Circuit of Champions titlist, 1986 Ohio Speedweek champion, and a three-time Lincoln Speedway track champion.

Well, when Scruffy’s turn came by, Allen shared a memory of racing with Doug Wolfgang.

He then went on to share some other fantastic recounts of several other racers as well. We’re happy to provide them for you in this edition of Racer On Racer.


“I was at Sharon, Pa., one time. And there was a race. And I can’t remember if I was leadin’ or Wolfie was. I think Wolfie passed me and I went to pass him back. But anyway, it was like a tie at the starter’s stand. We both ended up a tie. And Wolfie says, ‘No, it’s not gonna be a tie. One of us won. Somebody has to have a camera.’

“Well, they had a guy who took videos off the rooftop of the building. They used to have a roof over Sharon Speedway, on the stands. And when they showed the video, it had me winnin’ by a half a car. And they said, ‘No, that guy was at a big angle that would make you win.’ Which, they was right.

“So then, this other guy, a photographer, said ‘I was at the starter’s line when I took the picture.’ So they went and got it developed. We waited about an hour and when it developed, it had Wolfie ahead by about three inches. So I said, ‘Okay, ya know, whatever,’ ‘cause I was easy goin’. Well, later on, I got that picture and got to lookin’ at it. I went to him and said ‘Hey, you couldn’t have been standin’ right in front of the starter line, ‘cause the poles on the starter’s stand are crooked like they’re three or four inches apart!’ Ya know, and then ya stand back to the side to take the picture. And I said ‘Well that put Wolfie ahead by that picture! You cost me that race!’ And, I said, ‘Don’t ever be in the pits or I’ll run over ya if I ever see ya, ‘cause you cost me that race!’ I told Wolfie that and he said, ‘Well, I got the money. You might’ve won the race, but I got the money!’ Which is true.”


“And then there was (Lynn) Paxton…we was out there at, um, Findley, Ohio. And at that time we drove for Emrich and I took care of the cars. And Paxton, I think he was runnin’ in front of me and he ran off the bank of the track, and came back on. But when he did, he fell back, and I ended up winnin’ or runnin’ second, and Paxton ended up third. And I always picked up the money. And he said, ‘Well, how much did I get paid?’ And I said, ‘Well, they ended up disqualifying you…for runnin’ over the track.’

“Well, he got…he got runnin’ up there, goin’ wild, because I told him he didn’t get his money. But then he came back and found out he did get paid and never did get disqualified. We used to do that stuff to each other all the time.

“Lynn Paxton at Williams Grove, he’s the only driver I know that he can look ya straight in the face when he’s running right in front of ya! I mean I don’t know how he did it. He could twist his neck all the way around and look at ya! You could look at him going down the straightaway!”


Bobby Allen
Bobby Allen. Gene Marderness photo)

“I was in Daytona and I knew of this place where my cousin had took me. And Richard Lupo, I told him it was a strip joint we were goin’ to. Well, when we went to this strip joint he didn’t know they were transvestites. And we did this for a joke. Well, for a dollar, you could kiss ‘em. So he thought this big black girl was real pretty. Well, I gave him a dollar and he was kissin’ this girl…girl, guy. He didn’t do it once, he did it twice. And when we came out, he didn’t believe us. And we showed him the thing upstairs there. He was wondering why they didn’t take their pants off; just their tops were off.

“Fred Rahmer, I took him and about three other drivers to that place there. And this night was a thing for everybody. It had girls for guys. Straight. It had gay guys there. It had transvestites, and all that stuff. Well, Fred, he buried his head on the table and didn’t lift it off. Ah, he was, he was like ‘Where’d you take me to?!’ Fred just kept his head buried on the table all night. He said ‘Allen, what are you trying to do to me?’ and all that stuff…was laughin’ and didn’t move his head! But the best story I probably can’t tell you, I told his wife and he got mad at me for tellin’ his wife. It was one that happened in Australia, but I’ll let that one slide.”

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