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HOLLAND: Kevin Eckert’s Checkered Past

Allan Holland

Recently, the World of Outlaws had a totally new website created. The site is slick, with all of the new technology, and they get it updated quickly.

You will find results, photos and race recap video right after every show is over. The links to the numerous Open Red podcasts are all there too.

The best addition to the new site was added back in August. They added a column, or nowadays a blog, by Kevin Eckert called Checkered Past. Kevin has six blogs up, starting with the first one about his early influences in racing and the early days of the World of Outlaws.

The other five cover quite interesting topics. Racing in the Dakotas, The PA Posse, Hotel California and Split Shows. The most recent one covers his rail journey to Placerville, California for a World of Outlaws show.

Kevin’s writing is detailed and enjoyable, which really takes you along with him on the ride.

His blog will continue throughout the off-season too.

Kevin has been writing about sprint car racing since the ‘80s. He lives in California now, but his journey started out in Pennsylvania at Reading Speedway. Just like many race fans, his dad started him out and he has been a fan ever since.

Kevin wrote for many of the now-defunct racing papers in the east. Weekly racing papers were immensely popular, and the Area Auto Racing News out of New Jersey is still publishing.

He started writing weekly columns about his racing journeys for Gator Racing News in 1982 and added some writing to Keystone Racing News in 1983. He moved to Speedway Scene in 1986 and also did a column for Open Wheel magazine from 1984 to ‘88. Open Wheel was a predecessor to this magazine, Sprint Car & Midget.

In 1994, he moved to another publication, Trackside, where he stayed until 1999 when he became the first editor of a new monthly magazine called Flat Out. Kevin put that magazine together and hustled copies to all the tracks he attended until 2002, when he and the owners realized the grind of getting a magazine out every month wasn’t for him.

Kevin has always been a statistics and records keeper. He had results for loads of sprint car races all over the country, but everything was strictly on papers in his possession, with no way for anyone else to access all the history he actually had accumulated. He had visions of putting all of his records on a searchable online database.

In 2003, he did just that with a website called Open Wheel Times. The site was excellent, and records were searchable through drivers, tracks, sanctioning bodies and more. By 2005, the server had become corrupted, which made the site useless and even destroyed some of his data.

From 2005 to 2011, his records were taken on by Sprint Car Stats, but they never really pushed it and the website is no longer around. In 2015, Sprint Source hooked up with Kevin, but never really got all of the information online. Some of his driver information is searchable on Sprint Source, but nothing like it once was.

That is all about to change thanks to the World of Outlaws. Not only will Kevin be writing a column twice a month, but all of his data will be moving to the World of Outlaws’ servers this winter. Kevin will spend some time in North Carolina during the off-season loading all of his records and stats to the DIRT servers.

He will have all of his past, recent and future information covering sprint car racing searchable on the World of Outlaws website.

The World of Outlaws URL is www.worldofoutlaws.com. Under the news, you will find the link to Checkered Past.

Kevin has some excellent notes from the history of sprint car racing, and I look forward to the new ones.

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