Brad Doty
Brad Doty

DOTY: The Rain Continues

Brad Doty.

The last line of my previous column was, “It’s been a slow rainy start to the season and April has been especially dreadful, so let’s hope April showers bring May flowers along with some great racing the rest of the season.”

Well, the April showers brought more May showers and races all over the country continued to get postponed or canceled.

When races have to be canceled, or postponed and rescheduled, as noted in my last column, there is a ripple effect in so many ways because people throughout the industry who make their living, or even supplement their income from racing, lose out.

There is also the issue of rescheduling. There are only so many days in the summer season to try to squeeze in a makeup date and sometimes the makeup date lands on someone else’s scheduled event date or, in some cases, gets rescheduled on what has historically been someone else’s rain date.

The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series had eight out of 21 races rained out leading into Eldora Speedway’s LetsRaceTwo event, where WoO and USAC were scheduled to run together on May 10-11.

They got Friday’s show in, but the rain hit the track about halfway through the program on Saturday night.

I was watching it live on and it was inevitable that it was raining too hard to continue and it was obvious they were going to have to cancel the event or postpone it until a later day.

To say I was shocked when the words “rescheduled for Wednesday, July 17” came on the screen is a huge understatement!

Well, the April showers brought more May showers and races all over the country continued to get postponed or canceled.

That was what we at Attica Raceway Park had thought was our rain date for the July 16 Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic presented by Racing Optics.

We have had an open day between our event and the Kings Royal weekend at Eldora ever since I became a co-promoter of the race in 2005, and we used that extra day as a rain date if needed.

A few years ago, Eldora went to a three-night program for the Kings Royal, so we backed our race up to Tuesday in order to have that extra day as a “buffer” if we needed it to get our race in.

It was never in written word that it was our rain date, but we just assumed it was because it had been for so many years. Some say that the word assume means “make an ass out of u and me!” Lesson learned; never assume anything.

With so many races getting rained out from coast to coast, and with the WoO teams running all over the country to only get rained out once they got there, I can’t blame the WoO, USAC, Eldora, or the teams for wanting to reschedule the Eldora event.

It’s just unfortunate that the only date that fit both the WoO and USAC schedules was July 17.

I know there are promoters all over the country who are brave enough to schedule a WoO race with no rain date, knowing that the band of Outlaws will be a long way down the road by the next day onto another race, which means if that promoters race rains out, they will have to hope to find a date to reschedule or cancel the race.

The biggest issue for us at Attica is that if we rain out on July 16, the WoO series isn’t back into Ohio until September when there is no weekend date available to reschedule, and with school back in session, a weeknight race could be a big financial loser!

On top of that, Attica is shut down for the season by then, so it would be almost impossible to try to run it that late in the year.

All we can do now is just hope and pray that come July 16 we have a beautiful, sunny day and all this worrying will be for naught.

My main reason for pointing all this out is because so many people have become accustomed to thinking that if the weather forecast for Tuesday isn’t favorable, that we can postpone until Wednesday, and they will just wait and come then. I want everyone to know that this year there is NO Wednesday option for us.

There is no curfew at Attica and we will do everything humanly possible to get it in on Tuesday night. If we have to run late into the night, we’ll try to keep the beer stand stocked full and we’ll make a party out of it.

I hope to see A LOT of you at Attica Raceway Park on Tuesday, July 16.

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